More than music

It's more than music. 

NBMG was created to offer a break from the norm.

Starting out with a bag of dope and a goal 4 young men came together to build their legacy.

We are the young, the stoned, and the brilliant; we are the NEW BREED.



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17.Nov.2014 update
If you weren't able to catch last weeks performance at the Kymberle Project don't trip. Check out the footage and flicks of Trev x Dexx tearing the stage down. © 2014

Performance dates

brooklyn, ny

september 19th, 2014

New Breed Dexx x Trev Kwev performing live at Kymberle Project

  • Last Chapter x Trev Kwev (Prod. by Trev Kwev)3:52
  • 5 Spliffs Later feat. Jay Kwev [Prod. Isher Roth]3:29
  • Painting Noise feat. APlus Nostaljack [Prod. Kool Productions]3:50
  • Pandoras Box Master 12:57
  • Paper Master 13:24
  • Jack Herer (Prod. by Lexx Beats)3:53

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