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16.dec.2014 update

New music by Isher Roth entitled Vibes sc prod. by Hajino the link is below roll up that funky stuff and check it out now!

The kwev Experience


High Fashion
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performance dates

brooklyn, ny

september 19th, 2014

New Breed Dexx x Trev Kwev performing live at Kymberle Project

  • Last Chapter x Trev Kwev (Prod. by Trev Kwev)3:52
  • 5 Spliffs Later feat. Jay Kwev [Prod. Isher Roth]3:29
  • Painting Noise feat. APlus Nostaljack [Prod. Kool Productions]3:50
  • Jack Herer (Prod. by Lexx Beats)3:53
  • Jay Kwev-Paper3:24

New York, NY

November 29th, 2014

Issacher is performing live at Funkadelic Studios.