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The mission is to destroy people's perception on new music in the "underground"; if I can. 

I come from a home that played good hip-hop from ATCQ to N.W.A.

 It's Childish to say "I'm bringing anything back"! I only wanna bring good vibes and dope concepts to the game.

Stay updated on all my latest music.

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hey bud!


Welcome to if you're an old breed supporter you already know the drill; I hope you got ah couple homers rolled and ready for action. new visitors welcome and get acquainted with the music, videos, and all that dope ish i provide! hope you become a regular.

peace x love

current events

28.mar.2015 update
And another one! Still stretching his lyrical muscles and gearing up for the release of the Hajino produced collaboration mixtape Operation Somethin' Somethin Dexx releases another free track; Operation Finesse This Shxt. Click the link on the bottom; listen x download x share!


     New Breed Dexx born... Ah do you even really care to learn his real name? There are so many more interesting things going on in the world today rather than learn some super unknown underground rapper's identity right? (Yeah, I thought so). Dexx a proud Brooklyn, New York native with a distinct voice sum'n New Yorkish, sum'n Cali-ish; sum'n sum'n who knows? But you know it's no gimmick!

     Elaborately getting his namesake from a 1996 2Pac interview; Dexx the son of a Riverside born/South Central, LA raised father and Harlem born/Brooklyn, NY raised mother officially took up the moniker "New Breed" after discovering his raps distinctly stood apart from his peers. Seeing life through an abstract lens Dexx pens raps how he sees fit. From lyrics about perseverance and mental fortitude to sidebar commentary on social issues and mixing them with pop culture references that are sure to have your average couch potato stoner like "aw no way bruh! I watch that show too"! Dexx truly has it all stay tuned and watch to see how this Bonsai Tree emerges into something amazing.

  • Operation Finesse This Shxt (Prod. by Hajino)2:53
  • Test Tubes x Beakers II (Prod. By Hajino)1:38
  • Last Chapter x Trev Kwev (Prod. by Trev Kwev)3:52